Why Study German?

Learning German Opens Doors

German majors and minors enjoy the advantages of a small, dynamic program. Our professors take the time to get to know students personally and help them create a course of study related to their needs and interests. Students are continually kept up to date about fellowship deadlines, department events, and upcoming courses. If you have questions about German courses, majoring or minoring, or another other advising issues, please feel free to contact any of the people on the right-hand side-bar of this webpage.

5 Reasons to Choose German

Knowledge of German will open up opportunities you would not have without the language. Here are some reasons for learning German.

  1. Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are trusted economic partners in the global marketplace, and Germany is currently the world's largest exporter. Germany is home to numerous international corporations in a wide range of industries, and a world leader in green technologies. Speaking and understanding German will deepen your knowledge of the culture and improve your employment opportunities.
  2. The EU language with the largest number of native speakers is German. In many regions, Germans account for the largest percentage of tourists. If you want to get to know Europe, learn German!
  3. German is an important language in academia and education; 18% of the world's books are published in German. In fact, German is the second-most commonly used scientific language.
  4. German is the language of Goethe and Kafka, as well as Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud. Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, and Mahler were all speakers of German. For anyone interested in pursuing a career in music, philosophy, theology, or art, German is the perfect language to learn.
  5. With Duke German you can go to Berlin to study and experience the energy of Europe's new cultural capital.

Still not convinced? Read Why German is for You, by the Goethe Institute New York in cooperation with the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD).