Duke in Berlin Courses

Number Title Codes
GERMAN 111A Intensive First-Year German FL
GERMAN 212A Intensive Intermediate German FL, CZ
GERMAN 213A Intensive Intermediate German for Engineers FL, CZ
GERMAN 220A Readings in German Literature FL, ALP
GERMAN 303AS Advanced German in Berlin CCI, FL, ALP, CZ
GERMAN 312AS Advanced Intensive German Language and Culture CCI, FL, W, ALP, CZ
GERMAN 319AS Advanced Intensive German CCI, FL, CZ
GERMAN 321A Economics of a United Europe CCI, SS
GERMAN 322A Berlin: Architecture, Art and the City, 1871-Present CCI, ALP, CZ
GERMAN 325A Current Issues and Trends in Germany CCI, FL, CZ
GERMAN 352AS Berlin in Literature and Culture CCI, FL, ALP
GERMAN 354SA Contemporary Art in Berlin CCI, FL, ALP
GERMAN 359A Germany Today: A European Superpower? Duke-in-Berlin CCI, FL, SS
GERMAN 362SA The Economics of the Energiewende in Germany EI, STS, SS
GERMAN 365A Art and Architecture of Berlin, Fifteenth to the Twentieth Century CCI, ALP, CZ
GERMAN 367A Jewish Berlin CCI, EI, ALP, CZ
GERMAN 420A Advanced German Cultural Studies FL, CZ