The Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in German Studies

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The Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in German Studies combines the resources of two great universities in a curriculum that joins disciplinary rigor with interdisciplinary flexibility to create an internationally acclaimed center of excellence for graduate training, research, teaching, and scholarly exchange. The combined expertise of the core faculty, one of the largest in German Studies in North America, ensures that every chapter in German literary, cinematic and cultural history, from medieval manuscripts to contemporary cinema, is covered by experts in the field. The program thus offers an appealing synthesis of individual attention with a wide range of inquiry from which students develop their own research interests.


  • Students receive tuition and a stipend for 6 years of graduate study
  • Students gain teaching experience at a private and a public university
  • Opportunity to leverage research relationships with multiple institutions in Germany
  • Joint degree from Duke University and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

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