Undergraduate Senior Thesis Summer Research Grant in German

We are pleased to announce a new grant program for juniors. With generous support from the Dean of Trinity College, up to three German majors will receive travel grants (up to $3000 each) to conduct research in Germany during the summer prior to the senior year for approximately one month. This research should be integrally connected to a senior honors thesis that will likely be completed during the spring term of the senior year, though an earlier timeline is also possible. Projects eligible for such funding support may be a continuation of ideas and projects developed during a study abroad semester in Berlin. Alternatively, they may involve pursuing a project formulated independently and concerned with some aspect of German culture, art, or society.

Application Process

  • Students must have filled out the necessary paperwork for a senior thesis project (tentative research plan, advisor, etc.) by the time of application.The paperwork can be found here: http://trinity.duke.edu/sites/trinity.duke.edu/files/degree-requirements/German-Graduation%20with%20Distinction.pdf
  • Students must submit a 2-page description of the research they intend to conduct and how it will contribute to their thesis.
  • Students must submit a detailed budget.
  • Applications will be due February 1 of the junior year. They should be sent to the DUS in German, Kata Gellen (kata.gellen@duke.edu).
  • Applications will be considered by a selection committee of German Department faculty.