Liaowang (Zoey) Zou (Trinity '17)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

"I did Duke in Berlin Spring program in my sophomore spring. Berlin is an amazing city. It is not like any other city in Germany. It's a blend of the old and the young, of politic and art, of profundity and vibrancy. I am so glad that I could spend 7 months in Berlin. Every bit of it was absolutely amazing. As a language beginner, I never expected myself to pick up German so fast. I stayed with a host family and had German bread and cheese for breakfast with the 7-year-old and 12-year-old Gastgeschwister (guest siblings) at home every morning. The program took us to numerous concerts, football games and theater performances, and even parliamentary session in German Bundestag. People in our program were really close as a group. At the same time, we also mingled with local students. We attended classes with German students at local university. I also joined a Pop and Jazz choir group. Sometimes we just need a change of perspective, to interact with people with different culture, different backgrounds and different ways of thinking."