Housing for the Programs

Kreuzberg, Berlin

Semester Programs

Students participating in the fall/winter and spring/summer programs live with families during their stay in Berlin. Despite some pre-departure anxiety about the family stay, it is frequently cited as the absolute highlight of students’ Berlin experience. Over the past twenty years the Resident Director, Professor Jochen Wohlfeil, has worked to carefully select families and place students such that the interests and needs of both are well-aligned.

In the application, students are asked to specify the degree to which they would like to be integrated into a host family. The Resident Director works with this information to find each student an accommodating living situation. If, for any reason, a student feels uncomfortable, the director will work to facilitate communication, mediate, and re-locate the student, if necessary.

Duke in Berlin students are encouraged to think of themselves not as tourists, but as residents. To improve both their cultural and linguistic fluency, students are asked to immerse themselves in city life. Host families are not only an instance of this immersion, they also help students to navigate and appreciate Berlin’s changing physical and human geography. Often these families have hosted students in the past so they are attuned to the needs of college students. Host parents are not interested in enforcing a curfew, but rather sharing their home and city with you.

Students with further questions or concerns should contact Professor Jochen Wohlfeil (wohlfeil@zedat.fu-berlin.de) who can provide more detail regarding the home stays or put students in contact with program alumni.

Summer Program

Students are housed in shared apartments with full kitchens (2-3 students per two-bedroom apartment). The apartments are located in the culturally vibrant district of Kreuzberg, and are in close proximity to amenities and public transporation.