Courses Taught in English

Course Numbering Scheme

0-99 Advanced Placement Credit; House Courses; First-Year Seminars; First-Year Writing; Registrar/Department special purpose
100-199 Introductory-level undergraduate courses; basic skills/activity courses; foundation courses; Focus program courses
200-399 Undergraduate courses above introductory level
400-499 Advanced undergraduate, senior seminars, capstone courses, honors thesis courses
500-699 Graduate courses open to advanced undergraduates
700-999 Graduate only courses (not open to undergraduates)

These are courses taught in English. They do not count towards the foreign language requirement, but may count towards the German major or minor.

Course Number Title Curriculum Codes Crosslisting Numbers
GERMAN89S First-Year Seminar
GER 380 Marx, Nietzsche, Freud PHIL 86, Polisci. 378, LIT 280
GER 387 German Confronts the Holocaust HIST 261, LIT 369, JEWISH ST. 369
GERMAN244D Soccer Politics SS, EI, CZ, CCI ROMST204D, HISTORY266D, ICS204D, Arts & Sciences IDEAS themes and University Course 204D
GERMAN260S Romance of Arthur CZ, ALP MEDREN224S
GERMAN264 German Film CZ, ALP VMS280, AMI252, AMI331S
GERMAN264D German Film CZ, ALP AMI252D, VMS280D
GERMAN266 Focus Germany: Business in Germany CZ, CCI MMS
GERMAN268S The Silent Film: An Introduction CCI, ALP AMI208S , LIT208S, VMS214S
GERMAN270S Film Noir EI, CCI, ALP AMI209S , LIT223S, VMS282S
GERMAN284 Poetics of Murder CCI, ALP LIT344
GERMAN286 German History Through Film EI, CZ, ALP HISTORY255, AMI286, LIT286
GERMAN288 German Way of War SS, EI, CZ, CCI HISTORY288
GERMAN290-1 Special Topics in German Studies
GERMAN363 Movies of the World/The World of Movies STS, CCI, ALP LIT313 , RUSSIAN384, AMI248
GERMAN364 Green Germany: World Leader in Environmental Policy STS, SS, EI, CZ, CCI HISTORY250, ENVIRON366, ENERGY364
GERMAN368 German Jewish Culture from the Enlightenment to the Present CZ, CCI, ALP LIT368, JEWISHST368, RELIGION343
GERMAN370 The Devil's Pact: Faust and the Faust Tradition EI, CCI, ALP MEDREN345, LIT240, ETHICS
GERMAN372 Kafka and Cinema STS, CCI, ALP AMI372 , LIT377, JEWISHST372
GERMAN375 Classics of Western Civilization: The German Tradition, 1750-1930 CZ, CCI, ALP HISTORY268 , POLSCI375, LIT247
GERMAN376 Secularization and Modernity: Cross-Disciplinary Readings 1750-1914 EI, CZ, CCI, R, ALP ENGLISH285, SOCIOL348, POLSCI374, ROMST360, LIT243
GERMAN380D Marx, Nietzsche, Freud SS, EI, CZ, CCI PHIL286D, LIT280D, POLSCI378D
GERMAN385 The Existentialist Imagination EI, CZ, ALP LIT242 , PHIL283
GERMAN385D The Existentialist Imagination EI, CZ, ALP LIT242D, PHIL283D
GERMAN386 Existentialist Cinema STS, EI, CZ, CCI, ALP THEATRST372 , LIT218, VMS283, AMI267, Arts of the Moving Image
GERMAN387 Germany Confronts Nazism and the Holocaust EI, CZ, CCI, ALP JEWISHST369 , LIT369, HISTORY261, ICS396S
GERMAN390-1 Special Topics in German Studies
GERMAN390S-1 Special Topics in German Studies
GERMAN391 Independent Study
GERMAN402S German Business/Global Contexts SS, CCI, FL
GERMAN441S German Film FL, ALP AMI252S , VMS276S
GERMAN446S Siegfried the Dragon-Slayer: Myth-Making and German Identity CZ, FL, ALP
GERMAN490S Special Topics in German Studies
GERMAN493 Research Independent Study R
GERMAN501 German for Academic Research I
GERMAN502 German for Academic Research II
GERMAN510S Old Norse: Introduction to the Language of Viking Scandinavia CZ, ALP LINGUIST562S , MEDREN609S
GERMAN511S Theory and Practice of Literary Translation W, CCI, ALP LIT640S , Islamic Studies
GERMAN532S Fin-de-siècle and Interwar Vienna: Politics, Society, and Culture SS, CZ, CCI, R HISTORY532S
GERMAN560 History of the German Language MEDREN607 , LINGUIST560
GERMAN575S Hegel's Political Philosophy SS, EI, R POLSCI676S , PHIL536S
GERMAN576S Nietzsche's Political Philosophy SS, EI, CZ POLSCI577S, PHIL537S
GERMAN580S Music in Literature and Philosophy CCI, R, ALP ENGLISH580S, ICS527S
GERMAN586S Literary Guide to Italy CZ, CCI, ALP ITALIAN586S, LIT542S, AMI640S
GERMAN590S Special Topics in German Studies
GERMAN690 Special Topics in German Literature and Culture
GERMAN690S Special Topics in German Literature and Cultural Studies FL
GERMAN700S Foreign Language Pedagogy: Theories and Practices
GERMAN715 Cultural Foundations in German Studies, to 1800
GERMAN716 Cultural Foundations in German Studies, to 1800 to present
GERMAN790-1 Topics in Literary Theory
GERMAN790-2 Topics in Literary History
GERMAN790-3 Topics in Genre Theory
GERMAN791 Independent Study
GERMAN801S The Discipline of Germanistik: A Historical Survey
GERMAN810S Germanic Seminar
GERMAN995S Grad Dissertation Colloquium