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Course Numbering Scheme

0-99 Advanced Placement Credit; House Courses; First-Year Seminars; First-Year Writing; Registrar/Department special purpose
100-199 Introductory-level undergraduate courses; basic skills/activity courses; foundation courses; Focus program courses
200-399 Undergraduate courses above introductory level
400-499 Advanced undergraduate, senior seminars, capstone courses, honors thesis courses
500-699 Graduate courses open to advanced undergraduates
700-999 Graduate only courses (not open to undergraduates)

This is a comprehensive listing of all the courses taught by the department. Not all courses are offered each semester.

Course Number Title Curriculum Codes Crosslisting Numbers
GER 29 Advanced Placement in German
GER 89S First-Year Seminar
GER 101 First-Year German I FL
GER 102 First-Year German II FL
GER 111 Intensive First-Year German FL
GER 111A Intensive First-Year German FL
GER 203 Intermediate German I CZ, FL
GER 204 Intermediate German II CZ, FL
GER 210 Intermediate Conversation Practice
GER 212A Intensive Intermediate German CZ, FL
GER 213A Intensive Intermediate German for Engineers CZ, FL
GER 220A Readings in German Literature FL, ALP
GER 250 Moral Dilemmas in Philosophy and Literature EI, CZ, ALP
GER 261S The Vikings and Their Literature EI, CCI, ALP MEDREN 205S
GER 262 Romantic Fairy Tales: Literary and Folk Fairy Tales from Grimms to Disney CZ, CCI, ALP LIT252 , ENGLISH287
GER 264 German Film CZ, ALP VMS280, AMI252, AMI331S
GER 284 Poetics of Murder CCI, ALP LIT344
GER 286 German History Through Film EI, CZ, ALP HIST 225, AMI 286, LIT 286
GER 290-1 Special Topics in German Studies
GER 303AS Advanced German in Berlin CZ, CCI, FL, ALP
GER 305S Advanced German I: Culture and Society CZ, CCI, FL
GER 306S Advanced German II: Text and Context W, CZ, FL, ALP
GER 310 Advanced Conversation Practice
GER 312AS Advanced Intensive German Language and Culture W, CZ, CCI, FL, ALP
GER 319AS Advanced Intensive German Language and Culture CZ, CCI, FL
GER 321A Economics of a United Europe SS, CCI ECON260A , ICS
GER 322A Berlin: Architecture, Art and the City, 1871-Present CZ, CCI, ALP ARTHIST296A, ICS
GER 323S Germanic Myths & Legends
GER 325A Current Issues and Trends in Germany CZ, CCI, FL ICS
GER 334S Projekt Theater: German Theater and Performance FL, ALP
GER 335S Modern German Theater and Drama CCI, FL, ALP THEATRST223S, ICS
GER 352AS Berlin in Literature and Culture CCI, FL, ALP ICS
GER 354SA Contemporary Art in Berlin CCI, FL, ALP
GER 359A Germany Today: A European Superpower? Duke-in-Berlin SS, CCI, FL POLSCI296A, HISTORY266A, ICS
GER 362SA The Economics of the Energiewende in Germany STS, SS, EI ENVIRON367SA, ECON331SA
GER 364 Green Germany: World Leader in Environmental Policy STS, SS, EI, CZ, CCI HISTORY250, ENVIRON366, ENERGY364
GER 365A Art and Architecture of Berlin, Fifteenth to the Twentieth Century CZ, CCI, ALP ARTHIST297A
GER 366DA Berlin Since the War CZ, CCI PUBPOL210DA , HISTORY334DA
GER 367A Jewish Berlin EI, CZ, CCI, ALP JEWISHST367A, LIT367A, ICS
GER 368 German Jewish Culture from the Enlightenment to the Present CZ, CCI, ALP LIT368, JEWISHST368, RELIGION343
GER 376 Secularization and Modernity: Cross-Disciplinary Readings 1750-1914 EI, CZ, CCI, R, ALP ENGLISH285, SOCIOL348, POLSCI374, ROMST360, LIT243
GER 380 Marx, Nietzsche, Freud PHIL 86, Polisci. 378, LIT 280
GER 380D Marx, Nietzsche, Freud SS, EI, CZ, CCI PHIL286D, LIT280D, POLSCI378D
GER 387 German Confronts the Holocaust HIST 261, LIT 369, JEWISH ST. 369
GER 390-1 Special Topics in German Studies
GER 390S Special Topics in German Literature and Culture FL
GER 390S-1 Special Topics in German Studies
GER 391 Independent Study
443S-1 Captured! Stories of Entrapment in the 20th and 21st Centuries FL, ALP
GER 420A Advanced German Cultural Studies CZ, FL ICS
GER 430S German Literature and Culture CCI, FL, ALP
GER 435S German Politics and Society CZ, CCI, FL
GER 445S The Uncanny German Canon from Goethe to Kafka
GER 490S Special Topics in German Studies
GER 493 Research Independent Study R
GER 510S Old Norse: Introduction to the Language of Viking Scandinavia CZ, ALP LINGUIST562S , MEDREN609S
GER 511S Theory and Practice of Literary Translation W, CCI, ALP LIT640S , Islamic Studies
GER 561S Second Language Acquisition and Applied Linguistics SS LINGUIST561S
GER 575S Hegel's Political Philosophy SS, EI, R POLSCI676S , PHIL536S
GER 576S Nietzsche's Political Philosophy SS, EI, CZ POLSCI577S, PHIL537S
GER 580S Music in Literature and Philosophy CCI, R, ALP ENGLISH580S, ICS527S
GER 590S Special Topics in German Studies
GER 690 Special Topics in German Literature and Culture
GER 690S Special Topics in German Literature and Cultural Studies FL
GER 700S Foreign Language Pedagogy: Theories and Practices
GER 715 Cultural Foundations in German Studies, to 1800
GER 716 Cultural Foundations in German Studies, to 1800 to present
GER 724 Form & Theory of the Lyrical Image: Goethe, Hölderlin, Mörike, Eichendorff, Trakl
GER 790-1 Topics in Literary Theory
GER 790-2 Topics in Literary History
GER 790-3 Topics in Genre Theory
GER 791 Independent Study
GER 801S The Discipline of Germanistik: A Historical Survey
GER 810S Germanic Seminar
GER 995S Grad Dissertation Colloquium