Advanced German II: Text and Context

GER 306S

This course is designed to further students' overall German language proficiency at a very advanced level. Focus is on increasing their ability to express own ideas as convincingly and precisely as possible. In particular, it will focus on the use of writing to foster an understanding of the varied communicative functions of language. We will read authentic texts from a variety of media and genre, each with a thematic focus. We will also analyze the various genre in terms of form, content, style, audience, and purpose, emphasizing the process through which a writer creates and produces meaning. Through a process of carefully guided writing exercises, including free writing, composing drafts, peer editing, and revising, students will practice writing various kinds of texts, such as biographical portraits, place descriptions, narratives, reports, reviews, argumentation and persuasion, and literary interpretive essays.

Prerequisite: GERMAN 305S or equivalent. One course.

German 306

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