Intermediate German I

GER 203

The course is designed to continue the thematic and linguistic explorations of contemporary Germany on the intermediate level begun in German 1 and 2. The two main goals of the course are an expansion of your German linguistic skills as well as your cultural knowledge, with a major emphasis on developing reading strategies and using the language to express ideas. By the end of the course you should be able to understand a range of authentic text types. You will continue to increase your ability to communicate your thoughts in German, both orally and in writing. Generally, students are expected to demonstrate a growing awareness of - and sensibility to - German language and culture, and express their ideas in a manner that is consistent with intermediate language work. We will build upon a wide range of language skills acquired in German 101 and 102.

Reading: Throughout the course, we will be reading a variety of shorter German texts. Speaking and listening: Spoken German also constitutes an integral component of the course. You will be expected to participate actively in class discussions and group work.

Grammar: You are expected to have a good grasp of basic German grammar concepts. We will review various concepts throughout the course, but will concentrate on more intermediate grammar. Your improvement will be evaluated in tests and quizzes.

Writing: Another focus will be on writing in German - to express ideas, convey information, and improve style and accuracy. We will practice writing in a variety of different contexts. Additionally, you will write three essays. Both your progress in grammar and in writing should be reflected in your final exam.

Prerequisite: GERMAN 101-102, 111, or equivalent. One course.

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