First-Year German II

GER 102

German 102 continues the introduction to the German language as presented in the textbook Kontakte. By the end of the semester you should be able to converse simply in German about everyday events and activities in the past and present, ask questions, and express opinions. When expressing yourself in writing you will have the tools to go beyond simple sentences, and you should also be able to read basic German texts. You will continue to learn about German culture and improve your language learning strategies. Achieving these goals requires regular practice with the language, both in class and individually, and a willingness to experiment with new patterns of sounds and words, much of which can only be done in the classroom. Thus, attendance is a vital part of your commitment to this course.

In this course, as in GER 101, we use the Communicative Approach. This approach recognizes that we gain ability in a language by way of German input through various means--from the teacher, classroom activities (group work and peer discussion), and audio/videotapes. You will use the language to communicate rather than just talking about German in English. Do not expect to understand every word you hear or to produce perfect sentences right away. Your acquisition of German will develop as you gain input and respond to what you see and hear.

Second semester of introductory language course. One course.

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