First-Year German I

GER 101

German 101 is an introductory course for students who have not previously studied German. The course aims to teach students to communicate in German and at the same time develop a structural awareness of the German language. Since the goals of communicative and grammatical competence are ultimately inseparable, the students are guided towards using German as accurately as possible. By the end of the course you should be able to understand and respond appropriately to simple questions and statements in German. You should also be able to read and converse about a variety of German texts, as well as talk and write in German about yourself, your family, and your life at university.

During this semester you will also learn more about the Federal Republic of Germany today, its climate, landscape, foods, education system, work realities, ways of traveling, and city life. You will find out about the common origin of German and English, and the distribution of the German language.

The course places a large emphasis on students gradually becoming autonomous learners. Regular discussion and practice of grammatical structures will help you monitor your own spoken and written output, as well as develop useful language learning strategies.

First semester of a two-semester sequence. Communicative approach to the language of every-day life in German-speaking countries. Practice in spoken and written German (speaking, listening, reading, writing); introduction to German culture and society through poems, songs, films, and other authentic materials. Computer, video, and audio labs are an integral part of the course.

German 101

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