Der aufrechte Gang im windschiefen Kapitalismus

Rüdiger Dannemann, Henry Pickford & Hans-Ernst Schiller Hrsg

Springer VS, 2018.  More information can be found here

This volume collects essays largely from the conference "Der aufrechte Gang im windschiefen Kapitalismus“, hosted in 2016 by the Nietzsche Kolleg in Weimar. The goal of the conference was to bring together diverse traditions, to analyze and actualize models of critical thought and to open new perspectives for social theory.

The contributions aim to ascertain and clarify the standpoint of critical theories, reflecting on their origins, exploring their diagnostic potential today and documenting their interdisciplinary character. The “upright gait” (Ernst Bloch) in thinking means not to be constrained by the preponderance of the existing order, to resist conformist acceptance as well as irrational accounts, and to maintain the possibility of the new, utopia.

Henry Pickford