Duke German Summer 2014 Issue

Sharing knowledge

A vital part of any community is creation and discussion. We can proudly say that our department has done a fantastic job in furthering this ideal. In addition to teaching, publishing papers, books and essays, our faculty and students have also found time to present and organize lectures, seminars, and exhibits on a wide variety of topics…

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Duke German Fall 2014 Issue

Graduate Student Research profiles

Read about Heidi Hart, Lindsey Brandt, Claire Scott, Annegret Oehme and others. We also have undergraduate research news and new books released.

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Duke German Spring 2015 Issue

Who We Are

Interviews with Dr. Kata Gellen, Doctoral Student Martin Dawson, Assistant Profession Carolina Kita, and news from Professor Lieber.

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Duke German Fall 2015 Issue

Spotlight on: Faculty  Research

Discussion with  Dr. Thomas Pfau  and Dr. Ingeborg Walther regarding their recent and current work in German Studies

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Duke German Spring 2016 Issue

Spotlight on: Duke in Berlin

Read why the Duke in Berlin is one of the hallmark programs with in Duke German

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